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Barbaros Kalyon HandleOut Of Stock

Barbaros Kalyon Handle

$ 49.99 $ 35.00

The steel version of the famous Bohin Razor’s handle.

Lightly polished.

14 x 85mm


Barbaros Levend HandleOut Of Stock

Barbaros Levend Handle

$ 50.00 $ 40.00

Helix design with good grip.

14 x 85 mm.


316 Stainless Steel

This item is posted from Istanbul Turkey

Wilkinson Sword CLASSIC

$ 8.50
The classic double edge razor 
A safer shave for healthier and smoother looking skin
If you favour the retro look and style then you’ll love the Wilkinson Sword Classic system. A traditional double edge wet shave razor that’s great on the pocket and excellent on your skin.
Product features: 
Its simple design and double edge blade technology provides excellent value for money. If you’re happy in your skin and want simplicity with performance then the Classic is the razor for you.
Double edge blade technology.
PTFE coating reduces friction during the shave.
Simple handle design.
Excellent value for money.