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Barbaros Kalyon Handle for King Cobra

$ 69.00

The steel version of the famous Bohin Razor’s handle for King Cobra razor.

  • Lightly polished
  • Made upon request
  • 14 x 74.6 mm
  • 77 g

This listing is for the handle only. King Cobra Head is for display only!

Barbaros Levend Handle Out Of Stock

Barbaros Levend Handle

$ 50.00 $ 40.00

Helix design with good grip.

14 x 85 mm.


316 Stainless Steel

This item is posted from Istanbul Turkey


Wilkinson Sword

$ 23.99 $ 22.99
Triple coating process to resist corrosion, for added durability, for less irritation
Maintains it’s edge even longer than stainless steel
For incredibly smooth, close, and comfortable double edge shaves
20 x 5 packs
This item is posted from ISTANBUL TURKEY