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Fonex FNX Hair Wax Pomatte Extra Strong 150 ml

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Fonex FNX Hair Wax Pomatte Extra Strong 150 ml
FNX Hair Wax Pomatte Extra Strong 150 ml: for casual finish with easy soft form and texturising a cool style. Allows you to make your hari messy and voluminous.
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This 100% percent natural, organic and eco friendly soap which has been prized for its restorative and nourishing properties is an attractive , unique product especially for ‘Green Marketers’ and ‘Green Consumers.’
This soap has been known to be very beneficial for skin and hair. The literature explains that Pistacia terebinthus is known to be rich in tannin, essential oils and resinous substances and has been known since ancient times for its aromatic and medicinal properties.
Due to the antiseptic nature of the Bittim soap, it is highly effective in curing skin diseases, eczema, acnes, and fungus.
It also prevents excessive oil on scalp, scalp buildup, dandruff and hair loss.
There have been several scientific elemental analysis . Researches show that the soap has 32 elements including the most beneficial ones for a healthy hair and skin.
Pistacia terebinthus is an ecologically grown, small tree native to Mediterranean and southeast Turkey. Its fruit ( wild pistacia) is the source of a number of local market products such as pistachio nuts, gummy extract and ‘Bittim soap,’ a special soap which is made of the extract of wild Pistacia and terebinth oil.